Norprint Launches Eco Green Label Range

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Norprint has launched a new range of label products and services for the environmentally conscious buyer.

The Eco-Green Label Range includes recycled, lightweight and compostable labels in a choice of materials and adhesives for both primary and secondary packaging and will be developed as more lines are added.

“We already supply a wide choice of labels with environmental credentials, “ said Marketing Manager, Chris Powell. ”Bringing them together under a single brand will make it easier for packers to identify and understand what we have to offer. It also reflects the growing interest in these types of products throughout the food industry.”

No labels are added to the Eco-Green range until Norprint has investigated, and if necessary tested, the claims made by material suppliers. The company also uses its own laboratory facilities to ensure that the products match up to the performance requirements of food packers and are fully compatible with the main label printers and print/apply equipment used in the industry.

Norprint sees the Eco-Green Label Range as evolving in line with changing customer needs. “We are encouraging customer feedback and inter-action, we want to be responsive to both current and likely future needs for environmental labelling and packaging,” added Chris.

The range will be launched nationwide at a series of roadshows during the year. Companies invited to attend will be given up-to-the-minute information on relevant environmental standards and legislation, packaging and material trends, equipment compatability issues and other useful business information. Norprint has also devised a system to calculate packaging volumes and savings. Visitors will be given details of this along with samples of the Eco-Green Label Range.

The issues surrounding the environmental impact of packaging are complex. To help businesses navigate the maze of information, a free handy guide to some of the main organisations and legislation involved is available now on request by contacting the Eco-Green Label Range team on .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), phoning 01205 365161 and asking for the Eco-Green Team, The team will also forward samples of the new label ranges and answer any queries.